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Dela: 35 Saara Paasikivis illustration till webbdokumentären Misshandlad kärlek Illustration till Misshandlad kärlek Bild: Saara Paasikivi Våld mot kvinnor,våld i närrelationen,familjevåld,psykiskt våld,våld Skribent: Yle Han tog mig med storm. Han behandlade mig som en prinsessa. Det fanns nån som väldigt gärna ville ha mig. Här får ni läsa hennes berättelse om sitt våldsamma parförhållande.

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Ayer a las · Once again the dark reality of human trafficking has reared its ugly head, this time in the city of Schweinfurt in Germany. The criminal investigation was initiated when a truck driver was offered to buy sex from a little girl in a parking lot along the highway. The truck driver immediately alerted the police, who after their arrival eventually found the year-old girl together with her stepfather. After the officers had talked to her, it turned out that her stepfather had The following investigation revealed that the man had in fact committed several forms of serious sexual violence against the girl in addition to selling her to an unknown number of men. The girl's own mother is also suspected of being involved, anmärkning only because she ignored what her daughter was subjected to, but she had on one occasion together with her boyfriend gone as far arsel sexually abusing the girl herself. The stepfather, the girl's mother, and one of the men who paid to rape the girl have been in custody since December. They are now being charged with committing the most serious of sexual offenses against the victim. The girl has been taken into care by social services.

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Leave a reply Skorpionen Passionshistorien om Maria di Spagna, skökan i Venedig, grundades på en verklig förebild. Vem denna förebild i verkligheten var kan emellertid aldrig avslöjas. Romanen kom till inom sin helhet våren Det var mig som upptäckte Maria di Spagna. Det var jag som fann henne, gjorde henne och gav henne Venedig samt världen.

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Mig ska inte skämma ut dig. Superb att inte skämma bort henne. Därborta jag inte behöver skämma ut jag.

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