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Why 4M2020?

4M2020 will build upon long-term research and innovation partnerships formed in 8 major EC funded programmes that form the core cluster of 4M2020 projects, and then through the proposed “five-star” crossfertilisation along the R&D+I streams of more than 70 associated EU and national programmes to bring benefits to three tiers of partners/stakeholders. Through these three tiers’ networking and collaboration activities the programme will bring together research and industry experts from a diverse range of technologies, disciplines and application fields, which is only possible at the European level. Ultimately, 4M2020 in collaboration with NANOfutures and Manufuture ETPs and European multi-material micro and nano manufacturing knowledge community will support/contribute to a number of key knowledge-intensive industry sectors in Europe by overcoming the barriers towards the commercialisation of multi-functional miniaturised products.