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Phase 1: Mapping current and future needs

Work Package 2

Identification of competencies, development of synergies between projects and identification of key application
areas through:

i. mapping the activity in the area of multimaterial micro and nano-manufacturing;
ii. identifing the technology and product related know-how and IP possessed by the 4M2020 three teirs of
partners and other of stakeholders in the 4M2020 three clusters of projects;
iii. identify needs for access to technological and product related know-how and infrastractures
iv. Map the most relevant application areas

Work Package 5

The key objective of this work package is to develop an overarching roadmap for the development of the required large scale demonstration and pilot plants necessary to support the introduction of new technologies in the range of market sectors. The roadmap will take into account the wide range of needs from the different sectors; it will not produce a roadmap for each sector, but rather an overview of the requirements on KETs that will satisfy the multifaceted technical requirements across application areas.