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  • C-TECH INNOVATION LTD - WP1: Project Management, and WP3: Open Innovation - engagement with wider community and transfer of information
  • UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM - WP8: Communication and Dissemination
  • FOTEC - WP6: support for deployment of technologies (Image source: © ecoplus/Tschank)
  • KIT - WP2: Competence Mapping
  • PEP - WP7: Intellectual Property Guidance
  • VTT - WP4: Developing new sustainable alliances
  • WP5: Roadmapping for large scale demonstration and pilot plant


4M2020 is focused on building upon the durable integration mechanisms/structures and innovative chains created within three levels of project clusters in the field of multifunctional miniaturised products and their applications in energy, medical, optoelectronics and microoptics, printed electronics and ultra precision engineering, Industrial sectors that led to the creation of long term R&D+I partnerships.


4M2020 will facilitate cross fertilisation of product centred advanced manufacturing platforms along the five R&D+I streams and thus create alliances based on interrelated technological research and product demonstration activities and add value to its stakeholders by establishing R&D+I environment for combining KETs heterogeneously in the context of specific technology and product requirements.